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The Enemy Within

Some people can be cruel. They judge you by what they see on your outside. The way you dress. The way you speak. The way you walk. Whether you’re smiling, laughing or crying at inappropriate times. And so you put on a mask for the world to see. You dress, speak and walk the way everybody says you should for a woman of your age, size, race, education, religion, economic class and so on. You only smile, laugh and cry on cue when you see everybody else doing it.

But then you lose yourself and forget who you are. That’s because you’ve become your own enemy, not allowing yourself to be who you really are and act the way you really feel. You are hiding the real you to make everyone else comfortable.

But you need to ask yourself, who is this “everybody” that you’re trying so hard to impress? Who are the “they” and “them” you’re so afraid of? In reality, it’s you. You are your own enemy within. 

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