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Inspire Sisters with Positive Thoughts

Inspire Sisters with Positive Thoughts is a content creator with Facebook groups, a Facebook page, Pinterest boards and an Instagram account. Please open the links in each of the menus above to see my portfolios.

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The Founder

Hello loves. My name is Trudi. I created my first social media group in June 2016 and I've been creating groups, pages and sites ever since. I created the brand called "Inspire Sisters with Positive Thoughts" in 2017 as the parent for my social media portfolio and merchandise. Please open each of the menus above in the toolbar to see my library.

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The Vision

My mission is to give men and women 40 years and older interactive platforms where they can have mature respectful tasteful conversations and feel good about being seen and heard. I want to inspire people with a zest for living their best and greatest lives.​ 


I achieved my vision by creating numerous social media platforms on Facebook where beautiful  queens and handsome kings interact in a safe, positive environment.

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